Environment Development Co.Ltd

We, EDCO, would like to express our gratefulness for the good cooperation and tremendous service from Technical Cleaning Company. (TCC), who have undertaken and successfully carried out the following projects in EDCO plant, Jubail 2, KSA.

  1. Pond cleaning, chemical tank filling & other cleaning jobs inside the EDCO plant.
  2. Jesco project for carrying WWTP sludge.
  3. Sipchem sump Pond cleaning job during the time of shut down.
  4. All other industrial services

We appreciate the professionalism demonstrated by TCC in estimably performing to complete the projects to the entire fulfillment of EDCO requirement and handing over the project within the time. We observed no injury or safety issues during the working tenure.

We take the opportunity to thank TCC team for their work with us and wish them best of luck in their future.

Best Regards,

Environment Development Co.Ltd
Mamdoh M. Miran